Needs Analysis is the first phase and a smaller component of our array of services. This is where the specific needs of the project are properly identified. Our professionals can review your organization's operations to determine the key information and processes which should be addressed by your information systems. This process aids in exposing potential unknown variables that may serve to sabotage your IT investment. Sympora Technologies will also ensure that the project falls inline with the strategic vision of your organization.

Organizations are finding innovative and effective ways to implement IT into mainstream operations. However, much of the IT budget is wasted due to critical oversights and lack of change management protocols. Our analysis process allows for the correct identification for potential risk as well as value added components that the client can expect to realize. Sympora will make sure you have spending transparency. You will know how much money you’re spending, where it’s going and what you’re getting for it. By performing a comprehensive study, Sympora can work with clients to avoid trendy or reactionary IT investments that bring little to the table in terms of real business value.

Additionally, we can assist in determining the appropriate hardware requirements to meet your information system needs. The key to a successful system implementation is properly identifying an organization's needs at the outset of the project.

Business Re-engineering
System Design and Architecture