Process improvement is particularly challenging in the information technology industry because of the complexity of its activities and the interactions required to execute them. However, there is always room for improvement. The Sympora Technologies professionals have found that the greatest process improvement benefits are found at the intersections between functional areas. To help functions as diverse as Analysis and Development, Quality Assurance, Production Support, Business Development, and Marketing and Sales collaborate, our process improvement practitioners take pride in being knowledgeable about every aspect of your enterprise.

Process, Technologies, and Organizational Structures diagramSympora leverages our functional expertise to ensure that our clients maximize quality, efficiency, and profit by effectively defining and integrating three foundational elements: Process, Technologies and Organizational Structure.

Sympora gives you the power to understand, analyze, and improve your business. It delivers that power by modeling all the fundamental dimensions of your enterprise: who, what, why, where, when, and how. When these enterprise concepts are understood and modeled, they collectively represent the architecture, or framework, for the organization, operation, and decision-making of your enterprise.

Let us help you move from concept to reality. We will:

Analyze Existing Conclusions and Consequences

  • Survey stakeholders to identify process improvement opportunities
  • Identify or validate root causes of inefficiencies
  • Quantify, at a high level, the major costs and benefits of various process improvements
  • Identify process improvement initiatives with the highest potential payback

Implement Cost Effective Measures

    • Provide expertise in effective implementation of the solutions for your organization
    • Design work plans and recruit appropriate team resources
    • Define process, organizational, and technology change requirements
    • Develop cost-benefit measurement systems

Address Business Critical Needs

    • Prepare a comprehensive assessment of management and control processes
    • Enable your organization to capitalize on your development investments by prioritizing improvement efforts.
    • Determine your organization's readiness by assessing current capabilities

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