Technology assessments are vital for corporate managers who seek to understand their technological strengths and weaknesses, and the benefits and liabilities of new technologies. These technologies present many visible expenses, as well as expenses that are hidden until change is required. Correct analysis and planning are needed to protect your IT investment dollars. Our comprehensive assessments due just that. Sympora’s assessment process involves interviews with key staff members, on-site discovery, vendor interviews, as well as industry specific research.

An intensive IT assessment tends to reveal both the expected and the unexpected. Each assessment includes a detailed written report as well as potential. Technology has a correct place in every business. We understand that the key is to match the correct technology to your specific environment.

Information Security

If your company has a website and/or employs a computer network which is accessible through the Internet, security should be a top concern. Potential threats to your network do not only come from the Internet. Your data may be vulnerable to malice from the lack of appropriate policies and procedures. Most website and corporate networks of any size are constantly “probed” for weaknesses by hackers, and the most organizations don’t even know when they’ve been hacked. The cost of loosing critical data, compromising the integrity of your organization’s confidential and strategic information, or recovering from a malicious hack is far greater than the cost of prevention. Sympora’s security assessments are designed specifically to insure that your technology is safe from external threats as well as the internal and policy threats that may not be quite so obvious.


Sympora presents your organization with a thorough review of how you develop software – for better or for worse. We offer formal assessments of the process and methodology utilized by your organization’s internal development team, as well as the proposed architecture of a specific application slated for development. These assessments pay for themselves many times over, as faulty processes and architectural errors can be caught before they become a serious problem.

Network Infrastructure

Sympora conducts thorough technology infrastructure assessments so you can match relevant technology to the objectives and requirements of your business. Hardware & network assessments are designed to assist clients in defining the most appropriate devices and configurations for their particular activities and usage. Our assessments can be performed as a precursor to network infrastructure upgrades or as part of your organization’s due diligence tasks. Every day new products come to market which cost less and do more than before, and it’s our job to make sure that our clients are getting the biggest bang for the buck

Strategic IT Assessments

A strategic IT assessment directly addresses your organization’s goals, business differentiators and competitive advantages. This in turn, delivers a broad perspective of the current state of technology within the organization, as well as where it needs to go in the future.

To assist the organizational managers and technologists, Sympora’s strategic IT assessment services are designed to reduce the risk of making a technology decision. Furthermore, by understanding the possible hazards, we will also help reduce the unpredictability of new requirements in the future.

Information technology touches every aspect of a modern enterprise. IT initiatives, therefore, must be implemented as part of an overall IT strategy if they are to be truly worthwhile. Rather than be influenced by vendor pressure, client demands, or unplanned business needs and crisis management, we provide you with the IT system roadmap to make your important technology decisions based on a solid strategic IT plan. A well designed IT plan will help foster more general business goals and objectives, as well as provide opportunities for the creation of new competitive advantages.

At Sympora, we can help you put IT all together.

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