In the Internet era security breaches can be like bad weather – unpredictable and inevitable. At Sympora Technologies we believe a security system incorporating people, technology and process based on a sound strategic plan can provide the necessary protection a business requires. We approach security by addressing the availability, integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s information needs while closely integrating network strategy, architecture, policy and operations.

Combining over 20 years of commercial, defense, and intelligence community information security expertise, our practitioners offer world-class, comprehensive services designed to access risks, mitigate vulnerabilities, and engineer and implement solutions necessary to protect the network infrastructure, applications, data content and communications.

Enterprise Security Risk Assessment Vulnerabilty Assessment and Exploit Testing Enterprise Security Engineering & Management

When you partner with Sympora, you get more than a sophisticated defense system. You get the experience, tools and resources to manage your investment cost effectively even as your business and IT environment changes. Our approach centers on not simply adding more technology, but providing you with the people and know-how to make your security technologies work.

Whether you are proactive and need a periodic vulnerability assessment, are tackling a difficult firewall configuration or need to respond quickly to an incident, Sympora provides the flexibility and experience necessary to satisfy your business objectives.

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