Service Overview and Objectives Working with Sympora Technologies to solidify and redesign your secured systems, you’re then able to develop an environment that allows you to take full advantage of today’s Internet capability and operate a more secure environment.

Without compromising productivity, a security policy must provide adequate protection internally and externally. You can be sure that our methodology provides you with the confidence to run your business securely. Sympora’s information assurance specialists strengthen your security posture by not just addressing information security from a technical perspective. We also carefully examine your physical security environment and your policies in the areas of administration and personnel.

A Sympora Technologies engineered security system is designed based on our Security Architecture Framework and its core technological competencies.



  • Security Policy Development and Implementation
  • Offers your organization a "Risk Management" approach to information security versus one of "Risk Avoidance" , thus maintaining an acceptable level of productivity.
  • Provides the critical framework and road map for successful implementation
  • Blends people, processes and enabling technologies into a successful Security Operations and Management strategy
  • Addresses your organizational, operational and technical requirements
  • Leverages your existing strengths, capabilities, and products to increase the cost efficiencies and reduce disruption
  • Allows for future flexibility in growth
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