Service Overview and Objectives Sympora’s risk assessments help you identify the threats and risks that impact the ability of your organization to protect the confidentiality and availability of vital business information.

Knowing the threats relative to your business needs helps you to employ the right strategies and apply the right security measures. But first, a formal risk assessment is needed to map the security requirements to the business objectives.

Our service is guided by a structured process for linking information about business assets, their value and their associated vulnerabilities in order to produce a measure of risk to the business. The result is a “Network Security Report” that becomes the basis for immediate action and future planning.



  • Maps security requirements to business objectives providing an understanding of the scope of the security gap and the steps needed to close it
  • Provides a baseline for security planning
  • Identifies weaknesses in network infrastructure, policy, and controls so you can take action
  • Prioritizes risks and provides a “vulnerability blueprint” so you know where the vulnerabilities are and which ones to deal with first
  • Recommends immediate corrective action against known vulnerabilities and threats


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