Service Overview and Objectives As the organization’s networks become more connected to customers, suppliers and employees, the number of connections and hardware/software components increases. Therefore, more points of security weakness and new vulnerability are introduced into the networked environment. Do you know what and where the weaknesses are? Do you know how much risk they pose to your mission critical information, e-commerce operations or the confidentiality of customer and employee data?

Sympora has the skills, tools, and insight and know-how to find flaws in security systems where most people don’t see any. It requires operational experience and a different kind of thinking. A Sympora Technologies Vulnerability Assessment is more than a scan. Using hacker tools and techniques, we test for weaknesses in technology, organizational policy and procedures to assess the potential impact on your business. By prioritizing the detected vulnerabilities, we provide recommendations to threat to your organization and provide to implement the solution.



  • Provides a blueprint of your organization’s weaknesses so that you can determine where your threat’s exist, how serious they are and then prioritize the actions needed to remove them
  • Provides the recommendations to mitigate the risk exposure
  • Reduces the likelihood of a security breach
  • Tests network connections and systems to ensure they are updated and protected against known vulnerabilities


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