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Business Development and

Capture Management

SYMPORA’s Business Development and Capture Management process involves comparing business opportunities against the costs and risks of achieving those goals through competitive assessments. Our thorough analysis evaluates all potential opportunities, including those that may exceed our client’s goals. This proven process allows us to make confident recommendations, properly assist in getting executive leadership approval, and define solutions and pricings that position the team to succeed. We proactively shape the acquisition, mitigate risks, and track the progress to achieving our client’s initiatives.

Our seasoned Proposal Development process uses a systematic approach that is grounded in a traditional systems engineering methodology. We translate RFP requirements into detailed proposal plans, precise outlines, and accurate estimates. The first step of our process strategically maps the evaluation criteria of the RFP to the appropriate sections of the proposal. We use a cross-reference matrix that provides authors the specifics of what needs to be addressed in their sections to include: the strategy, theme, risk, SOW, and requirements. Pairing our client’s business insights with bold visuals creates compelling proposals and ensures effective presentation of our successful themes. The RFP matures through multiple reviews by all stakeholders: the proposal team, program execution team, and executive management. Every piece of content is tracked for verification by rigorous color team reviews to ensure compliance, consistency, and a captivating message.

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